Committee Meeting 13FEB24 Minutes

Tankersley Community Association

Minutes of Meeting held Tuesday 13th February 2024


Present: Mr.W. Jones (Chair); Mrs. J. Hopkinson; Mr. J. Hopkinson; Mrs. A. Jefferies; Mr. D. Crossley; M. Coy; S. Cowley; D. Scothorn; Mrs S. Scothorn;


    Item Action Responsibility Timescale
1 Apologies for absence Ms J. Morton None    
2 Minutes of the previous meeting. Proposed by A. Jeffries and seconded by John Hopkinson as a true record.


Signed by Chair. W. Jones


3 Matters arising not covered in the agenda. Social media update – D. Crossley reported that a request for volunteer help had gone out but no response to-date. Defer until next meeting for further consideration.  All members asked to encourage suitable candidates.


D. Crossley

All TCA Committee

4 Correspondence None


5 Financial Statement The Treasurer displayed the accounts on the display screen and outlined the current situation as very healthy. Amounts to be transferred to reserve account were discussed and it was agreed to move more money into the reserve account at the Treasurers discretion.


Confirmed and accepted.

Treasurer to action transfer.


Treasurer 29.02.24
6 Hall Opening and bar  arrangements No issues with opening.

Bar staffing rota needed for forthcoming events.


John Hopkinson to liaise with members to organise a rota. John Hopkinson 19.02.24


7 2024 Plan – Progress ·         06.05.24 – Local History Day – A. Jeffries reported that she was liaising with Brian Marsden and everything was progressing well.  Agreed the event will run from 10.00 until 16.00.  Help would be needed to set-up beforehand and take down at the end.

·         08.06.24 – D-Day Event – John Hopkinson reported that a working group had been formed and had met with some good ideas forthcoming.

2 Bands have been booked and some suggested resources will be ordered.

·         20.07.24 – Summer Fun Day – D. Crossley reported that an excellent working group consisting of several local residents had formed and met.  A basic plan of activities was being developed.  2 bands have been booked.

·         07.09.24 – Cinema on the Green – John Hopkinson gave an update in view of J. Morton’s absence.  The date has been booked with Blue Sky Events.  Deposit to be paid.


Volunteers needed.








Further working group meeting to be arranged for w/c 4.03.24






Further group meeting to be arranged;

Liaise with Treasurer to purchase resources as agreed.




Treasurer to pay deposit;

Consider choice of films and timings of the event.




A.      Jeffries








J. Hopkinson







D. Crossley









J. Morton

















At DC discretion









At JM discretion


8 Funding Treasurer reported that there still has been no decision on the application in support of the kitchen improvement project.

It was also reported that the bid for financial support for the programme of events had been unsuccessful. A request for feedback on which the successful bids were has been made to BMBC.

Await panel decision.




Await response.








9 Neighbourhood Plan It was reported that a consultant (Kirkwells) had now been appointed to advise on the NP process. It was felt that there are several issues of concern to TCA. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 20th February. TCA representatives to attend.

Anyone invited as a resident representative.


W. Jones

D. Crossley

J. Hopkinson


9 Any Other Business M. Coy enquired whether any response had been received from TPC regarding the recent allegations towards TCA and one of the committee members.  Nothing further to report on this matter at the moment.


Await further developments. N/A  





12 Date of next meeting Tuesday 12th March 2024


All attend. All 12.03.24