JAN24 Meeting Minutes

 Tankersley Community Association

Minutes of Meeting held Tuesday 9th January 2024


Present: Mr.W. Jones (Chair); Mrs. J. Hopkinson; Mr. J. Hopkinson; Ms. J. Morton; Mrs. A. Jefferies; Mr. D. Crossley


    Item Action Responsibility Timescale
1 Apologies for absence Mr. S. Cowley None    
2 Minutes of the previous meeting. Proposed by John Hopkinson and seconded by Jane Morton as a true record.


Signed by Chair. W. Jones


3 Matters arising not covered in the agenda. Allegations of malpractice relating to the Hanging Basket initiative.  No response from Tankersley Parish Council. W. Jones to attend TPC meeting and raise the issue under AOB. W. Jones  
Sponsorship of sports shirts for Tankersley St. Peter’s School Shirts received and delivered to the school. N/A  
First Aid training Certificates handed out to successful candidates N/A  
Tree Planting – site meeting held with Amber Cotton of BMBC and options discussed.  Now awaiting response.


Await response. N/A  
4 Correspondence None


5 Financial Statement The Treasurer displayed the accounts on the display screen and outlined the current situation as very healthy.


Confirmed and accepted.


6 Hall Opening and bar  arrangements No issues with opening.

Bar staffing rota needed for forthcoming events.


John Hopkinson to liaise with members to organise a rota. John Hopkinson 11.01.24


7 2024 Plan The proposed 2024 plan of events was discussed and agreed the following: –

·         17.02.24 – Valentines Disco – JKH leading;

·         06.05.24 – Local History Day – A. Jeffries leading;

·         08.06.24 – D-Day Event – JKH leading’

·         20.07.24 – Summer Fun Day – D. Crossley leading;

·         07.09.24 – Cinema on the Green – J.Morton leading;

It was agreed that event leaders could co-opt people to their respective working groups as they felt appropriate.

It was agreed to publish the plan of events on social media to raise awareness.



Event leaders to organise working group meetings to plan events within the agreed budget with progress to be reported at subsequent TCA committee meetings.






Leaders contact appropriate individuals.



Publish on Tankersley Hub web page and Facebook page.


















Secretary to liaise with D. Crossley for advice.




















8 Funding Treasurer reported that there been no decision on the application in support of the kitchen improvement project.

Lorna Lewis (funding advisor) had met with DC and JKH to advise on possible funding avenues and expressed optimism that our planned events could be financially supported.  She also alerted us to alternative funds to support the kitchen improvement project.


Await panel decision.



Await contact details and complete applications as appropriate.


Investigate Howdens and Clothworkers grant schemes





DC and JKH





9 Any Other Business Social Media.  JM expressed concern that our social media presence was poor and needed improvement to raise participation levels.




Agreed that a ‘social media expert’ would be beneficial to TCA.

JM to have administrator rights and explore how improvements can be made.

All future posts relating to TCA issues to be posted via Tankersley Hub platforms.


Advertise locally to invite anyone interested to assume some responsibility.

DC to grant administrator permissions.

JM to instigate improvements.

All TCA members.


DC/JKH to compose and post on social media.










Valentines ‘Back to the 80s’ Disco


All TCA members to promote it. All Immediate
12 Date of next meeting Tuesday 13th February 2024


All attend. All 13.02.24