Minutes of the Committee Meeting 14 November 2023

Tankersley Community Association

Minutes of Meeting held Tuesday 14th November 2023


Present: Mr. S. Cowley (Chair); Mrs. J. Hopkinson; Mr. J. Hopkinson; Ms. J. Morton; Mrs. A. Jefferies; Mr. M. Coy;


    Item Action Responsibility Timescale
1 Apologies for absence Mr. W. Jones; Mr. D. Crossley; None    
2 Minutes of the previous meeting. Read and proposed by A.Jefferies and seconded by J. Hopkinson as a true record. Signed by acting Chair. S. Cowley


3 Matters arising not covered in the agenda. Allegations of malpractice relating to the Hanging Basket initiative.  Awaiting response from Tankersley Parish Council. Await response from TPC before deciding what action should be taken. Secretary  
Sponsorship of sports shirts for Tankersley St. Peter’s School Awaiting response from school regarding quantities and sizes.

Confirmed to place order when details are known.


D. Crossley.

First Aid training was agreed to be a great success with S. Cowley, W. Jones, A. Jefferies, S. Scothorne, Judith Hopkinson and John Hopkinson all successfully completing. Notification of achievement to be displayed on the notice board.


Secretary. Immediate
Ward Alliance Grant – Treasurer confirmed the grant has been received None    
4 Correspondence Email from Amber Cotton (BMBC Tree Officer) enquiring whether we would like to have trees/hedges planting in the Community Green Reply inviting Amber to a site meeting to discuss possibilities. Secretary 17.11.23
5 Financial Statement The Treasurer displayed the accounts on the display screen and outlined the current situation as very healthy.



Confirmed and accepted.

Agreed to consider opening a separate Capital Replacement Account.  Treasurer to investigate.

6 Hall Opening Arrangements No issues with opening.

Bar staffing rota needed.

Secretary to liaise as necessary.

Circulate members for availability.


John Hopkinson



7 2024 Plan Deferred      
8 Funding Treasurer confirmed he had submitted an application in support of the kitchen improvement project – the panel meeting to consider bids is scheduled for 22.11.23 Await panel decision. Treasurer 23.11.23
9 Northern Soul Night Need to push ticker sales Publicise on local social media platforms J. Morton

Judith Hopkinson

10 Lease Update M. Coy reported on response from BMBC expressing reluctance to enter into a new lease at this stage due to pressures of work. Reply accepting the situation but requesting lease renewal discussions at an early stage. M. Coy 17.11.23
11 Any Other Business Hall Christmas Decorating


Agreed – 24th November at 10.30.am. All available to attend. All 24.11.23
Possible New Year’s Eve Family Party –

Agreed to organise an event.

Cut-off date of 12th December.


Decision on viability on 12.12.23.

John Hopkinson 27.11.23
It was agreed to purchase another Zettle machine for card payments. Order a machine. Treasurer 16.11.23
12 Date of next meeting Tuesday 12th December 2023 All attend. All 12.12.23