National Lottery gives a thumbs-up to our improvement project

Great news!

Some of you will recall that after some sterling work by our Treasurer John Hopkinson Tankersley Community Association (TCA) were successful in securing a £58000.00 lottery grant to support improvements to the Welfare Hall.  Like any other project funded by public money several criteria had to be fulfilled.  Last month a representative from the National Lottery visited the hall to inspect the improvements and review whether the stated outcomes had been achieved.  Guess what..??  He concluded everything was ‘excellent’ and congratulated Tankersley Community Association on the ‘valuable work we were doing on behalf of our local community’.

We now have a fabulous community facility that is showing an ever increasing use.  TCA is working hard to promote a diverse range of events for our growing community.

If you have any suggestions for events or activities then please let us know.

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported us through the last, very challenging, 2 years.


Let’s keep Tankersley Hub thriving!