Platinum Jubilee – Can you help the church?

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

As part of the local celebrations in the parish, Tankersley St. Peter’s Church is hoping to host an exhibition called “Happy and Glorious, Long to Reign Over Us”. This will be open throughout the day on Friday and into Saturday morning. The exhibition will feature a decade by decade look at life in this parish, using photographs, documents and artefacts to show the many changes that have taken place here over the years. Changes may include new buildings erected, old buildings lost, changes to fashions and customs, changes to transport, the building of the M1, closure of the pit, changes to jobs and businesses etc, and the general evolution of everyday living.

We would greatly value your help to make this a success. If you have any photographs, artefacts or other material that you could loan to us, we would be extremely grateful. Please contact Janet Hale (01226 744140 / or Judith Hopkinson (01226 744520/ if you have something you can loan to us, or if would like to help in any way.