Platinum Jubilee – Financial Update

What a fantastic event we had in the community over the four days.

This was only made possible following generous donations, hard work planning, and delivering, by many people in the community. A big thank you to everyone

A summary of the finances is below:

Income (from donations)     1017.33

Expenditure                            704.19 (a full breakdown is available below

Remaining balance                313.14.

It was agreed to donate the remaining balance to Tankersley Community Association to replace the Gazebo that broke during the event.

If anyone has any questions on the finances please call David on 07970 818575

Expenditure Breakdown

Date logged Amount to be paid Amount Paid Amount owed Date Paid Paid to Company What Purchased
22-Mar 55.5 55.5 0 30-Mar David Crossley SoloPress 2000 A5 Flyers
25-Mar 25.2 25.2 0 30-Mar David Crossley KDA 800 cable ties for flags, and fence bench designs and trail fixings
12-Apr 22.5 22.5 15-Apr David Crossley Amazon 3 boxes of wax crayons for colouring corner
13-Apr 43.13 43.13 15-Apr David Crossley SoloPress 250 certificates for trail
27-Apr 8.84 8.84 28-Apr School School photocopying and printing
27-Apr 6.95 6.95 28-Apr David Crossley Amazon pencils for trail
19-May 175.3 175.3 19-May Janet Hale Hope Together 150 Magazines
19-May 15.98 15.98 19-May David Crossley Trophies 2 trophies for the school bench winners
21-May 83.8 83.8 21-May David Crossley SoloPress 2000 A5 Event guides
24-May 6.99 6.99 24-May David Crossley Waterstones Prize for stained glass window competition winner
30-May 30.24 30.24 30-May David Crossley Petrol for site tidy up (lawnmowers etc)
01-Jun 4.99 4.99 01-Jun David Crossley Amazon Ribbon for benches and entry
01-Jun 14.4 14.4 01-Jun David Crossley Amazon Line spray paint
01-Jun 40 40 01-Jun David Crossley Yorkshire coffee roasters 4 x 10 pound vouchers for the best dressed house
04-Jun 170.37 170.37 04-Jun Helen Reckless various village decorations
Totals 704.19 704.19 0